Advanced Launcher

Advanced Launcher 1.41

Customizable toolbar for frequently-used apps and folders


  • Multiple toolbars supported
  • Add new elements with drag and drop
  • You can create menus and submenus


  • No support for vertical toolbars
  • No support for keyboard hotkeys

Very good

If your Windows Start menu is already too cluttered, you have two options: either you spend a couple of days cleaning up the mess or you use an alternative program menu like Advanced Launcher.

Advanced Launcher is a simple toolbar that you can put anywhere on your screen – or even hide as a small icon in the System Tray – and use it to open your most frequently-used folders, system tools and software applications. The toolbar is fully customizable, meaning you can add and remove icons at your leisure, create submenus and change its appearance.

But Advanced Launcher is more than just a simple launcher. You can create several different toolbars with apps grouped according to their topic: image, audio, video, tools, etc. Adding icons to them is as easy as dragging and dropping a selected folder or application onto the toolbar.

The toolbars in Advanced Launcher can be set to dock to screen borders and hide when not in use, so that they don't take up any space. On the downside, I missed some extra features such as being able to create vertical toolbars or use keyboard hotkeys to open and close them.

Advanced Launcher is a handy, fully customizable alternative to Windows default Start menu from which you can easily access your favorite apps and folders.

Advanced Launcher


Advanced Launcher 1.41

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